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Help protect what matters most

“A new identity fraud victim every 2 seconds”

–– 2017 Identity Fraud Study, Javelin Strategy & Research

Comprehensive protection you can count on

Fifth Third Identity Alert® helps protect against all of the main types of identity fraud, providing you with the protection tools to safeguard your identity.

State-of-the-art credit protection

Credit Scores: What You Need to Know
See all 3 credit scores today - Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Your VantageScore credit scores are provided by VantageScore Solutions LLC. Although these scores are not used by lenders to evaluate your credit, they are intended to reflect common credit scoring practices and are designed to help you understand your credit.

  • Credit Report and Credit Scores
  • 24/7 Daily Credit Monitoring1,**
  • Quarterly All Clear Notification**
  • Credit Information Hotline**

Round-the-clock, advanced identity protection

  • DataSweep3,*
  • Credit/Debit Card Monitoring4,*
  • Social Security Monitoring4,*
  • Identity Verification Monitoring5,**

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Dedicated resolution team

  • Online Fraud Assistance*
  • Identity Fraud Support Service**
  • Identity Theft Insurance2,**